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Scheffel and the Trumpeter Today

Stadtarchivar Peter Christian Müller
Mr. Peter Ch. Müller, manager of the
municipal archives of Bad Saeckingen

Even today there is no doubt about Joseph Victor von Scheffel's stature,  although his fame as a poet has faded. The poet who carried the name of Saeckingen into the world became a firm part of our local history.

The "Festspielgemeinde" performs the "Trompeter" in the open air; the museum in the castle has its own Scheffel room. Since 1979 an annual Trumpeter Master Class is held, and since 1985 the museum has gained a percious Trumpet Collection.

You can find many interesting things e.g. books, graphics and photos about Scheffel and the Trumpeter in the municipal archives of Bad Saeckingen.

Stadtarchiv Bad Säckingen
Schönaugasse 5
D-79713 Bad Säckingen
Tel.: 07761-929927

Scheffel's bust
The Scheffel bust, in a quiet area
of the Castle's Park is all that
remaines of the former Scheffel
Monument in front of the Cathedral.

Henselmann's trumpeter
The modern version of the
Trompeter's Statue was made in
1972 by Professor Josef
Henselmann, Munich.

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