Der Trompeter von Säckingen
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Trompeter von Säckingen

Bad Saeckingen at the river Rhine is well known in the world as the "Town of the Trumpeter". The location is the Rhine Valley between the border to Switzerland and the Black Forest. The little town offers a lot of attractions to its visitors: a long and interesting history since the romans, the St.Fridolin-Cathedral and some important sights like the longest covered wooden bridge in Europe.

The present time in Bad Säckingen includes a thermal spa, hospitals and schools as well as opportunities for shopping and spare time in the nature around.

The poet Joseph Victor von Scheffel found the inspiration for his novel "Der Trompeter von Säckingen" in our town.

Bad Säckinger Holzbrücke

On this website you can find a lot of informations and photos about the past and presence of Bad Saeckingen and a wonderful collection of old picture postcards.

The website is about the Trumpeter and his poet Joseph Victor von Scheffel, who carried the name of Bad Saeckingen across the world.

Behüt' dich Gott im neuen Jahr!

There are also many postcards showing sights of Bad Saeckingen - the whole town and individual aspects of it.

Beside that we put the current views, and we try to show how Scheffel and the Trumpter still affect the sights of Bad Saeckingen today.